Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharing the love...from a dove.....with a...glove?

Skeezy does read you people's blogs when he doesn't have to dig around your profile for them. *HINT HINT*

So Skeezy decided to share some of the best that he's seen. Not trying to say that the one's not listed are
terrible, but these appealed to Skeezy the most because he's a freak a legend your lord and savior Batman Skeezy.

The Slug Side

Slugnasty is a cool dude who knows a lot of shit and doesn't mind sharing. Let him spread his hot sticky knowledge all over your brain's face.

Through the Looking Glass

Vickie has stories to tell. Vicky also used to be a guy. Skeezy saw a picture of a cat so he thinks Vickie had a Male-to-Feline surgery or something. Someone read it and get back to him when he's not drunk and blogging.

Poor Man's Arsenal


MAC PC Harmony

As someone who blogs exclusively from the public library, Skeezy loves reading tech news. One day he will have enough money to buy a computer of his own and to pay the late fines on his library books.

Insane Shit Blog That I Occasionally Update 

This shit is insane and occasionally updated.

Ipod App Reviews!!!

Skeezy doesn't have an ipod. Skeezy has numerous cd players. They're cheap because suckers like you  buy iPods.

Hard Party

Skeezy always wanted to be a part of the international party scene.


  1. Pretty good roundup. I think you picked some great people. I am not biased in any way by the fact that I am listed here.

    I followed everyone you listed though. Payce love n chicken grayce.

  2. Im readin this blog, and im gonna follow it cause it's so dope.