Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lady Gaga Hazy Baha

Skeezy caught one of the many rerun's of MTV's video music awards.Which is surprising considering that MTV hasn't shown a music video in years I think. Who's this Lady gaga fella and why are they so popular?

Skeezy did some googling and got all types of crazy shit. Stuff like her being a dude, pics of her wearing crazy shit, and something about her raping a street fighter character. Skeezy thought about listening to her music, but it seems like it'd be just as crazy as her.

Back to minecrafting.


  1. The only good Lady Gaga music I have listened to has been remixes of her songs. And even then, they are so far gone from the original song as to be entirely removed from Lady Gaga's style in every way.

    I think you chose the right path to go Minecrafting rather then listening to her freakness.