Sunday, September 26, 2010

bold in the cold

It's getting colder here. After weeks and weeks of the Weather Goddess being indecisive, she finally decides to say: "Fuck you Skeezy. Freeze to death."

Skeezy has been on the bad side of the Weather Goddess ever since he was a kid. She tries to bring him down by having rain on happy days of his life, snow when he needs to travel, and blistering heat when his AC breaks.

Not this time though. Skeezy is prepared.

Why? Because Skeezy bought a jacket.


  1. You one smart mofo Skeezy. I'm still in Spain where it's warm, but in a week it's back to Finland and rain and cold and shit...

  2. It is almost October and the temperature here is still in the triple digits Fahrenheit. I am ready for some cold.